Two Versions of the Movie

The PG-13 version of the movie (though this version has not been rated) discusses human energy components and human sexuality between human beings as well as sexuality between humans and machines. This delivers a compelling deep conversation, that is woven into the storyline, about overall interactions at the level of the human soul and beyond.

The R version of the movie (though this version has not been rated) contains nude CGI "beings" in the context of exploring "shamelessness" and an ever-deepening connection with Source-God and the natural environment in which they live.

The themes found in the "R" version are the same as those found in the PG-13 version. However, it was felt that to preserve an uncompromised thoughtful realism, as well as an ability to expand upon an authentic experience while delivering impactful artistic imagery and beauty, this version was produced.

Neither version of the movie contains objectionable language or sexual activity, parents may be warned, that there is one scene depicting the violence of a persecution in both the PG-13 and R versions.

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